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Party Theme Ideas for Birthdays

December 6, 2013

Your little one is having an upcoming party and turning five years old is nothing to be taken lightly. After all, they aren't so little anymore and will soon be able to do things on their own. It seems as if the time is flying by so fast because the last thing you remember is holding your child in your arms that day you got out from the hospital. As they are growing up, you want to ensure that your child has the best time ever with happy memories. You can do this by choosing a party theme that they will like. Go ahead and throw a party every year for them. Be sure to take pictures. Think about what kind of things your child is into and you shouldn't have any trouble. Here are a few party theme ideas for children's birthdays.

The My Little Pony Birthday

Every girl loves My Little Pony - even adults do (but we won't admit it) and this is why we like buying the pony dolls for our children. You can pick up pony confetti to decorate the tables with. There are also coloring books that you can buy as well. Put these books out on the table and the kids will be busy coloring instead of running around the room.

Poco Yo

You know the little hooded guy in Poco Yo? This show is can easily captivate any three year old or four year old. Why not add Poco Yo banners everywhere and incorporate colors like blue (for the sweater), brown, and white.

Farm Theme

A farm theme will definitely be fun because all kids love farm animals. If you have twins (boy and a girl) then we suggest using this theme. Obviously, the girl wouldn't be too thrilled about a car theme although she will love animals.

Party Themes can lead to a lot of Fun

December 6, 2013

A memorable party is one where people go away with fond memories of the evening. They need not specifically talk about how much you spend on the party. They need to talk about how much they enjoyed themselves. When they talk to people they should be able to point out specific things they liked about the party which made it enjoyable for them. This need not mean that everything that you do for the party has to be very expensive or very selective. You just need to put in a little thought into every aspect of the party. This leads to successful parties that people talk about for days afterwards.

Most people make the mistake of spending lavish amounts of money to throw a party. Quite often this is not required. It may not even get the desired results were people have fun. Instead, a fun party is one where everyone in the party is actively involved and interacting with each other. This means that the party that you throw should have some kind of a theme. Themes ensure that people attending the party don’t just come there without any involvement. They are not there just as passive spectators. Instead, they are actively involved as they are part of the theme. Just being a part of that theme, even if it means only dressing up in a certain way will ensure your guests involvement.

Your themes too need not be elaborate. From the perspective of a venue, you should not need too many props. Excessive dependence on props can come in the way of an enjoyable party. Too many electrical appliances lead to too much dependency on additional equipment such as electrical outlets and wires. You do not want to constantly remind people not to trip over the wires. You also do not want to constantly watch out for people knocking over props that go into creating a theme.

Why You Should Get a Chicago Wedding Photo Booth

December 6, 2013

I remember the first time I saw a photo booth. Instead of seeing one at a mall, I saw my first photo booth at a wedding. At twelve years of age, I was intrigued by the idea of a photo booth. You could walk in, take a seat, and have your picture taken instantly just by clicking a button or turning a knob. Everything is set on a timer so if you press the button, your photo will be taken in three to ten seconds, depending on what the photo booth is set at. 

One reason why you should find a Chicago wedding photo booth rental company is so that you can offer your guests photo booth “fun”. You might be asking what we mean by this, right? When we were teenagers, we loved going to the mall and taking pictures with our friends. Now, we can have the same fun as before when going into the photo booth with our sister, brother, or a good friend. Another benefit is that a photo booth can fit up to three people. Sometimes it can even fit four people if someone ducks there head in through the curtain.

Another reason to get a wedding photo booth is so you can take extra photos in there with the groom. Taking a picture with your sweetheart will always bring memories, even more so in a photo booth. You can make funny faces, show off your personality and so on. You don’t have to be “formal” like in a professional photo that a photographer would take. Your guests will also feel the same and the best part is that they can take back the photos to their families to share them.